iRISE Units

iRISE offers research support via units and programs to support translational research training and mentoring (TWD), study design and biostatistics (BERD), informatics (CBMI), human research, including clinical research facilities and staff (PCI; CFRI), IRB and regulatory support (RKSU), liason to recruitment innovation centers (LRICS), community-based outreach and research (mSHARE), study contracting and billing (PCI), liason to trial innovation centers (LTICS), and pediatric genomic biorepository (BIG), as well as grants for translational research career development (KL2) and pilot projects funding (PTCS). All are described in detail on the iRISE website.

UTHSC Office of Clinical Research

The newly formed UTHSC Office of Clinical Research (OCR) was recently established to provide expertise, resources and space for adult clinical studies and is described in detail in the PCI module of the iRISE Center for Research Participation and Implementation. The OCR has centralized adult clinical trials space under a single office’s jurisdiction. Room and space availability is determined through a managed calendar using a “block” system. A clear and formalized application system for space has been implemented, subject to clear rules for evaluation and reconsideration. Inpatient and federally funded studies utilize the OCR’s Clinical Research Center Space in Methodist University Hospital (6,750 sq. ft.), while outpatient and non-federally funded studies use the OCR Pauline outpatient clinic (4,400 sq. ft.). Dr. Ari VanderWalde, UTHSC Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical Research and iRISE PCI Module Leader, is OCR Director (

Children’s Foundation Research Institute

The Children’s Foundation Research Institute (CFRI) provides resources and personnel for grant preparation and submission, budgeting, contracting, regulatory approval and implementation and conduct of basic and clinical research in children and is part of the iRISE PCI module. The CFRI and all research operations are housed in a seven-floor research tower adjacent to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and houses over 30,000 sq. ft. of basic laboratory space, a new 12,000 sq. ft. Pediatric Clinical Research Unity, as well as administrative, clinical and basic research core facilities, faculty and staff offices, an auditorium and meeting rooms. Dr. Dennis Black, iRISE Operations Manager, is Scientific Director of the CFRI (

UTHSC Research Support

UTHSC Office of Research: Steven R. Goodman, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research (

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