Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies

The iRISE PTCS Program provides ongoing, competitive pilot funding and continuously monitors and evaluates success and adjusts all functions of the program, both internally and in concert with the national CTSA consortium The first round of PTCS applications that were evaluated in 2014 demonstrates the depth and breadth of the substrate of innovative ideas and talent across our campus and partners. This program will be a key element in successful development of translational science via iRISE.

Strategic Goals

  1. Improve the PTCS Program including the functions of the Scientific Review Board and mechanisms for solicitation, identification and engagement of potential applicants, as well as the processes for proposal review, prioritization, business and cost management, progress tracking, and program evaluation.
  2. Establish a mechanism to assist PTCS grant recipients to identify suitable intramural and extramural funding opportunities and prepare competitive grant applications via engagement with iRISE resources.
  3. Integrate PTCS Program within the larger iRISE structure and mission, linking to educational components and prioritizing funding for junior investigators, multi-disciplinary teams, and health disparities.
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