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Easily-Accessible Consultations

At the Biostats, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Clinic, UTHSC faculty and residents can, with advance registration, come in for biostatistics, epidemiology, and research design consultations. These consultations are limited in scope and intended to help researchers understand the underlying statistical aspects of their research design so they can adequately plan projects (e.g. study design, analytic approaches, simple power analyses, see below).

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For current availability and to register online for an appointment directly, please select your preferred location below. Up to 15 slots are available weekly at LeBonheur (2 hours), 910 Madison (2 hours), and 66 North Pauline (11 hours). We also offer "Virtual BERD" meetings, for UTHSC faculty, residents, and students located at a campus other than the Memphis campus. To see an example BERD Clinic project workflow, click here.

66 N Pauline Room 621 910 Madison Suite 608 50 N Dunlap Suite 493R
910 Madison Suite 608 mBIO 66 N Pauline

Personalized Advice On

Statistical Analysis Design Biomedical Informatics Planning
  • Interpretation of Statistical Results
  • Simple Sample Size & Statistical Power Calculations
  • Advice on Analyzing Data
  • Statistical Software
  • Appropriate Selection of Statistical Tests
  • Setting up your Dataset for Analysis
  • Data Management Using REDCap/Unity
  • Data Safety & HIPAA
  • Project Management
General Advice Manuscripts & Journal Submissions
  • Study Design
  • Formulating a Statistical Analysis Plan
  • Randomization Planning
  • Display of Data & Results
  • Journal Requirements


Maps & Directions

The BERD Clinic is available to registered participants at three locations on campus: Children's Foundation Research Institute, LeBonheur Research Tower, 50 N Dunlap, Suite 493R; Center for Biomedical Informatics, 910 Madison Ave, Suite 608; and BERD Clinic Office, 66 N Pauline, Room 621. Note the LeBonheur meeting is inside CFRI. After exiting the elevator on the 4th floor, continue to your right and press the doorbell for assistance.

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