UTHSC iRISE Pilot Projects Grants

Now soliciting applications for Pilot Project applications for iRISE, the UTHSC Clinical and Translational Science Institute, for Funding Start Date January 1st, 2017

This program has funded awards from $10,000 to $50,000.

Program Vision

The iRISE Pilot Projects Program provides funding to develop innovative patient-oriented, clinical and translational research projects, both Type 1 (“bench to bedside”) and Type 2 (“bedside to community”). Type 3 (dissemination of research for system-wide change) and Type 4 (evaluation of the “real world” health outcomes of population health practice).

For this round of grants, we are interested in applications that include multidisciplinary teams and potential for sustainable research programs, and that advance the careers of young clinician scientists, focus on T2 through T4 translational research, and will impact health disparities in our regional communities.


A letter of intent is due Spetember 23rd, 2016. The deadline for submission of full applications for this round of iRISE Pilot Projects funding will be noon, October 31, 2016 for a funding date of January 1, 2017. See below for the application packet with instructions.

Letter of Intent

Please submit a letter of intent to Dr. Dennis Black, (dblack@uthsc.edu) by September 23, 2016 containing the applicant’s contact information, proposal title and summary (250 word limit) to facilitate recruitment of reviewers.

Elligibility and Selection Criteria

All full-time and part-time faculty at UTHSC or its affiliated institutions and partners, including other UT campuses across the state, are eligible to apply for iRISE pilot funding. Eligible applicants include physicians, PhDs, PharmDs, nurses, and other faculty with an interest in T2-T4 translational research. Projects from applicants who assemble an interdisciplinary team with expertise that crosses departments, divisions and disciplines will be reviewed more favorably. For this round of grants, we are particularly interested in receiving applications from young investigators (less than 5 years after completion of professional training, such as subspecialty fellowship or postdoctoral fellowship). These less experienced applicants must have in place a strong mentoring plan prior to submission of the application.

Each PI may submit only one proposal.

Futher Details / Submitting Your Grant Proposal

Full Anouncement / Details Application Packet
Full anouncement in Word (.doc) format.
Download Word Doc Here
Application form & supplementary documents provided in a single zip.
Download Zip File Here
Electronic Submission Hard Copy Submission
Submit the application electronically to Terrie Swearingen.
Submit Here
One hard copy with all of the necessary institutional signatures must be submitted to:

Dennis D. Black, M.D.
iRISE Operations Manager
Children’s Foundation Research Institute
Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital
Room 471R, Children’s Foundation Research Tower
50 North Dunlap
Memphis, TN 38103
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