The geographic information systems (GIS) team at UTHSC has been developing a Public Health Exposome (PHE) referred to as the mid-South Health Alliance to Realize Equity (mSHARE).

mSHARE supports a regional consortium which engages the community in order to promote translational science to achieve health equity with a focus on children & other special populations.

GIS Specialties

The array of GIS specialties brought together under mShare (Source: Dr. Tonny Oyana)


mSHARE: a regional, multi-sector, consortium to plan, conduct, and evaluate translational research in the mid-South

mSHARE serves as a coordinating body to brings together researchers from UTHSC, the University of Memphis, and other academic partners in the region with existing community consortiums and organizations to review and translate the results of current research into evidence based clinical practice and public health.

mSHARE will enable users to access research and clinical data to improve health care delivery, address new challenges, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise, for example

  • access to health research information, and services
  • translation of laboratory discoveries into improved preventatives and treatments
  • fostering of public trust in research with expanded participation in clinical trials
  • increased academic/community business and workforce development partnerships
  • promotion of regional strategies to address common issues and disparities

For more information community health initiatives conducted by faculty associated with mSHARE visit our other websites:

The Interactive Map of Health Equity in Memphis

Director of Informatics Dr. Oyana is a professor in the Dept. of Preventive Medicine and Director of Informatics for the iRISE Community & Collaboration Core
Co-Director Dr. Waters is a Professor & Chair of the Dept. of Preventive Medicine and co-Director of the iRISE Community & Collaboration Core
Co-Director Dr. White-Means is a Professor in the Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy and Director of the Consortium for Health Education, Economic Empowerment and Research (CHEER)
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