Community Engagement and Collaboration Core

UTHSC is establishing a regional, multi-sector Consortium, the mid-South Health Alliance to Realize Equity (mSHARE), which will participate in the planning, implementation, dissemination, and evaluation of the iRISE translational research enterprise.

The mid-South Health Alliance to Realize Equity will develop and support a regional, multi-sector consortium to plan, conduct, and evaluate translational research with a focus on promoting health equity in the mid-South. We plan to develop a regional, strategic health framework plan in 2015-2016 prioritizing special populations including children and those with health disparities.

Facts about our Region
  • The Memphis metropolitan area is commonly referred to as the mid-South and includes 10 counties in three states which comprise the Memphis-Forrest City Combined Statistical Area.
  • The mid-South region, with Memphis located in the center, is located at the crossroads of the national freight corridor and is often referred to as America's Distribution Center.
  • Memphis is the largest air cargo destination of any city in the country and serves as the national hub for FedEx.
  • On the inland waterway system, Memphis is located 640 river miles north of New Orleans and 400 miles south of St. Louis, and ranks as the fourth largest inland water port in the U.S.
  • The mid-South is also central in the national rail network where the metropolitan area is served by five Class I railroads, the most of any metropolitan area in the nation.
  • Memphis is pivotally positioned in nation's highway system, located at the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 55, both which cross the Mississippi River at the city, and Interstate 269, which crosses 10 miles south of the city.
  • Despite its historically key role in the nation's social, economic, and cultural development, the mid-South includes communities that experience among the highest rates of poverty, disease, and health disparities of any region in the country.
  • mSHARE

    mSHARE serves as a coordinating body to brings together researchers from UTHSC, the University of Memphis, and other academic partners in the region with existing community consortiums and organizations to review and translate the results of current research into evidence based clinical practice and public health.

Co-Director Dr. Waters is a Professor & Chair of the Dept. of Preventive Medicine and co-Director of the iRISE Community & Collaboration Core
Co-Director Dr. White-Means is a Professor in the Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy and Director of the Consortium for Health Education, Economic Empowerment and Research (CHEER)
Paul Juarez, Ph.D
Consultant Dr. Juarez is an Associate Professor at Meharry Medical College and a consultatn on the iRISE Community & Collaboration Core
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