Career Development Awards (KL2 Program)

UTHSC and iRISE together have developed a career development program to provide the next generation of clinical and translational researchers with rigorous training and career development so that an interprofessional workforce educated in concepts of health equity is able to advance science and help address health disparities. We are actively seeking applicants for this year's round of funding. See the Application Process below for details.

Program Vision

The iRISE Translational Research Scholar Program provides funding to support protected career development training for candidates who have completed doctoral training and now seek an enriched, mentored research experience to assist in the development of skills necessary for a research-oriented faculty position. The program will support projects as a vehicle for career development that comprise innovative patient-oriented, clinical and translational research, including Type 1 (“bench to bedside”), Type 2 (“bedside to community”), Type 3 (dissemination of research for system-wide change) and Type 4 (evaluation of the “real world” health outcomes of population health practice).

For the current round of grants, the emphasis is on projects that focus on T2 through T4 translational research and will impact health disparities in our regional communities.