Biorepository and Integrative Genomics

Mission: The Biorepository for Integrative Genomics (BIG) Initiative will facilitate highly effective genomics based research at UTHSC and support future personalized healthcare delivery platforms.

Genomic research has played a crucial role in understanding cancer related genomic biology and predicting health outcomes based on genetic interactions. We are establishing a pediatrics-based genomic biorepository to provide genetic material that will be linked to the Pediatric Research Database (PRD) allowing both genome and phenome based research.

The BIG initiative is a major investment at UTHSC to complement the goals of iRISE to reduce health disparities by promoting clinical and translational research. It will set the stage for UTHSC and our partner clinical organizations to establish a personalized healthcare delivery platform. This platform will be informed by extensive genomic-based research that would help provide targeted, personalized treatment to each patient in an effective, efficient and patient-centered manner.


  1. Develop a biorepository within Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to facilitate DNA extraction from acquired samples, storage of the extracted DNA, and provision of acquired data and samples to clinicians for research purposes.
  2. Build a HIPAA Integration Framework to support the BIG Initiative and a hybrid system for time-sensitive patient recruitment.
  3. Establish a genomics service compliant with all applicable regulations that provides researchers with data that can be used to enhance different facets of clinical and translational research.
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Associate Professor of Pediatric Nephrology Dr. Hains is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the UTHSC College of Medicine and the Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Training Program Director at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.
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