CBMI Collaborations

The Center for Biomedical informatics has multiple collaborations. Our expertise in biomedical informatics is enhanced by our collaboration with multiple partners. These partners have enabled us with resources as well as potential collaboration leading to future grant awards. Here are our key collaborators:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

UTHSC maintains a relationship with the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) to enable high performance computing capacity within a highly secure network. This partnership allows UTHSC access to a computational platform capable of analyzing the research data sources of the future. From high volume, richly detailed continuous sensor data to deep ‘omics data sets such as those produced in next generation sequencing and complex structural biology analyses. Effectively integrating and analyzing these data will offer powerful insights for the identification of new biomarkers or predictive signatures for patient intervention. All collaborations with ORNL include a compliance review to ensure IRB and security measures are taken when transferring data sets.
Learn more here: ORNL - Solving Big Problems

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

The CBMI has recently established a collaboration with UT Chattanooga, Big Data and Analytics Research Center. The strengths of Big Data and Analytics Research Center involves developing innovative and smart solutions to high-impact and high-value problems while leveraging the true capabilities of potential of cutting edge analytics, informatics methodologies and gigabit networks. CBMI along with this research center will aim to establish core research initiatives to improve health services utilizing big data analytics.
Learn more here: UTC Big Data and Analytics

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